Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Power of Winter colors

As the blistering cold month of  December approaches, one must find various ways to warm the inner trenches of one’s fashionable heart. As with any shift of seasons, a new pallet of freshly stirred colors and hues trickles in to tickle our fashion innards. Winter colors are cool, clear and dark to light intensity. In the low light of winter colors appear darker, but on a bright day with the sun reflecting off snow colors appear pale and icy. Winter doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom and dark. Nothing cheers you up faster than a cute outfit with a pop of colour. EnJoY! ♥

Sweater- H&M, Jeans- H&M , Cotton Scarf - handmade 

Grilled Salmon with baby spinach & dried tomatoes salad 
Apple Cider beer

Sunday, December 1, 2013

For December dressing-up

The crispy cold air, darker mornings and early nights, are a sure sign that winter is upon us. One thing is certain about winter though, it’s a fun season for fashion. The trend is simple and classic. This winter, play up your outfits with a little bit of colour to brighten up the gloomy weather. While some women like to keep up with the latest trends, there are some who prefer to stay under the radar and just keep warm. Even so, whether you are a fashionista or an easy-going, let’s-play-it-safe kind of girl, there are a few must-have, timeless, items that stay consistent every winter. Winter must haves for 2013 : Ankle boots These are always important during winter:  they can be worn with anything and as often as possible. Loafers (for women) This is a statement shoe and can be worn with anything from skirts to cropped trousers to skinny jeans. Silk scarf/knitted scarf  Introduce some colour to your winter outfits; accessorise your outfit with a pretty colourful scarf adding cosiness to an otherwise monochrome outfit. Leather leggings This is just a change from the usual skinny jeans. Wear them with biker boots, knee-high boots, ankle boots or loafers. Coloured bag  While staying with the winter trend of adding colour to your outfit, accessorise by playing up your outfit with a colourful bag. Add colour with bold accessories  Add colour where possible - winter is gloomy enough as it is. Introduce classic colours such as oxblood red, maroon, blue and purple. Your makeup should include bright colours as well, depending on your skin tone. Boots, scarves and glamorous coats make winter a fun season for fashion. Happy winter shopping. EnJoY!♥

Sweater- H&M , Leather Jeans- Cubus , Belt- Frech Connection, Glove- H&M

Leggins- Calzedonia, T-shirt - Mango

T-shirt - Cubus, Jeans- BikBok, Watch- Koton

My raspberry cake
My vegetables & grilled potatoes 

Vibram´s styla 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Autumn Denim ♠

Smart, military-style, pleated, dark or light - this autumn there is no escaping denim, the fabric of the moment. Whatever you prefer there truly is something for everyone.
We've got two men to thank for make denim as popular as it is today. First came Levi Straus, who made the original sturdy canvas pants for the gold miners in San Francisco in the 1870s.
But it wasn't until screen legend James Dean wore denim in the film Rebel without a Cause in 1955 that millions of teenagers were inspired to wear denim.
Now denim can even been worn to the office, with smart tailored denim trousers and blazers a chic alternative to wool suits. Norway is amazing. EnJoY!♥

Boyfriend H&M blouse , Jeans- Old Navy Rockstars , Watch - Koton, Shoes - G-Star 

View on Ice 

Autumn and amazing colours in Norway

path where i doing my cardio

front of house

My hamburger with red cheddar , paper, green vegetables salad and caramel onion - Yummy !

autumn or winter ?