Friday, May 16, 2014

Inspired but too tired

Spring is in full swing, so it is time to look at the trends and how we can incorporate them into our wardrobes. Dazzling Blue also plays a big role amongst the emerging aquatic trend this Spring. Summer´screeping around the corner, which means it´s time to start looking for cute. Pastels is one of the major trends this season, but many women (including myself) find wearing pastels a challenge. They can wash you out, look too sweet or take you back to your childrens years! Shoes can set the mood and often they will add a young & hip element to your outfit. There is no limit to what you can do with shoes.  Still Norway on my way :) EnJoY!♥

My Tuna Dish with onion & butter

Sweater- Jennifer

Jacket - Vero Moda, Leginns- calzedonia, T-shirt- Cubus, Scarf - Cubus, Boots- Timbaland
Bracelet- H&M
My hamburger with cheese, bacon, tomato and cherry
My recipe for grilled salmon with smashed potato and ruccola salad

My recipe for avocaco cream with garlic, lemon and onion
T-shirt- Hugo Boss, Shorts- Cubus, Tights- Calzedonia, Boots- dr. martens

T-shirt - Cubus, Jeans- Vero Moda, Sneakers- Nike 

T-shirt- H&M, shorts- Cubus, Sneakers-  Roots


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  2. Krásné fotky, opravdu ti to moc sluší :)
    A jídlo.. no tomu to taky sluší :D Prostě, nemůžu už furt koukat na fotky jídla, nebo pak nepřestanu mít ty obrovské chutě :D