Saturday, October 11, 2014

Street Spirit

It’s officially fall and you’re ready to grab your favorite boots, jeans and sweaters. You’re ready to wear new jackets and scarves and kick through the leaves-but not so fast! It’s still 80-something degrees outside. It may be October, but the fall weather has yet to arrive for us Tennesseans. This is a point in the season known as “Indian Summer” where warm temperatures still linger for several weeks into early autumn. If you’re like me, you’re sick of your summer wardrobe and you’re ready to change up your style for a new season. So what do you wear during this transitional period? Here are a few ways to mix your hot and cold weather clothes for the time between.Dress in layers. Wear short-sleeved dresses and tunics with leggings or quarter-length sleeved shirts with jeans. Always carry a sweater or jacket with you. This way you won’t get too hot when you’re outside and you won’t freeze to death in the early morning and late evening cold). Layering will also keep you prepared for the unpredictable temperatures of buildings, where it’s either cold enough to build a snowman or hot as a sauna. EnJoY! ♥ yep still in Norway